The UK Petroleum Industry Association with support and joint management from the Tank Storage Association have signed an agreement with the Freight Transport Association to launch a revised Safe Loading Pass Scheme.

Recognised by members of the UK Petroleum Industries Association (UKPIA) and the Tank Storage Association (TSA), the Safe Loading Pass Scheme (SLPS) aims to identify vehicles and trailers that have been deemed to meet specified safety standards for admittance to fuel loading terminals.

The scheme is owned by UKPIA with support from the TSA. The two associations, together with member representatives, direct the scheme and set the standards for vehicle and trailer inspections, inspection technician training as well as inspection locations by way of a Management Group.

The Freight Transport Association delivers the scheme on their behalf and is an advisory member of the Management Group, along with the Energy Institute, the Downstream Oil Distribution Forum and a User Group representative. 

The revised Safe Loading Pass Scheme became active from the 30th April 2015.


SLPS Amendments in light of COVID-19

All vehicle Safe Loading Passes, which expire between 25th March 2020- 25th June 2020, remain valid until 25th June 2020.  Hauliers will have until the 25th July 2020 to carry out a SLPS inspection on vehicles whose Safe Loading Passes were extended during this period. Vehicles must be maintained, kept safe to load at terminals and operate within the terms of operators’ licence conditions.  This three month extension aligns with the UK Government's recent statement on MOT's for heavy vehicles here



To ensure smooth operation with the Terminals, an announcement of the SLPS amendments will be issued to all Terminals via Trade Associations.  SLPS will ask the Terminals to continue with SLPS spot checks, taking account of the following changes to the Scheme: 

  • Any vehicle SLPS expiring between 25th March 2020 - 25th June 2020, remains valid until 25th July 2020.   
  •  Hauliers will have until the 25th July to carry out a SLPS inspection on vehicles whose Safe Loading Passes were extended during this period, these vehicles should be treated as having a valid Safe Loading Pass and still be allowed to load until this date.  

The SLPS is administered by the FTA.  Contact with the scheme administrators can be made through the scheme website - http://www.safeloadingpass.co.uk/


SLPS Technician Training Amendments in light of COVID-19

Due to the current restrictions around social distancing in public places, all SLPS technician training courses have been suspended.

Any training expiry dates for existing trained technicians, which expire between 25th March 2020 and 31st August 2020 will be extended to allow the continued issuing of safe loading pass discs. 

Technician training courses will be available again from 1st September 2020.