Inspection Provider


The inspection standards and assessment

There are two types of Inspection Provider, fixed Inspection Locations and Mobile Inspection Services.

Inspection Locations

Fixed workshops which carry out SLPS inspections on premises owned or occupied by the Inspection Provider.

Mobile Inspection Services

Mobile Inspection Providers whose technicians carry out SLPS inspections at sites owned or occupied by customers or third parties.

Inspection Providers must demonstrate that the inspection standards set out by the Management Group are met. A copy of the inspection standards, which includes the assessment criteria, can be downloaded from the list on the right hand side of this page.  Please note that assessment against these standards are separate for fixed Inspection Locations and Mobile Inspection Services.

Generally all the standards apply to all Inspection Providers. However, there are additional requirements for Inspection Providers inspecting vehicles used to carry petrol or ethanol, as well as those that use inspection pits for SLPS inspections. These are summarised below.


The additional requirements for Inspection Providers inspecting vehicles used to carry petrol or ethanol also apply to those inspecting vehicles used to carry LPG, except overfill prevention system test units, which are not required.

The scheme applies to individual Inspection Providers so a separate application should be completed for each location, even if it is part of the same group. For more information contact

It is important to note that the SLPS standards and approval processes relate only to the requirements needed to carry out and manage Safe Loading Pass inspections. It is not intended to be a quality assurance scheme for workshops or inspection providers, nor is it intended to assist or advise you in meeting your legal responsibilities, such as health, safety and environmental law.


Complete the appropriate application form (either for a fixed Inspection Location, Mobile Inspection Service or both), signing the Statement of Intent within it and post it to Logistics UK. The Statement of Intent details the standards that you have agreed to maintain throughout your participation in the scheme. Logistics UK will invoice you at the agreed rate of £550 per assessment (excluding VAT).


Following payment, you will be asked to supply documentary evidence required by the standards and we will arrange for an on site assessment to be carried out. You will receive pre-assessment guidance telling you what to expect on the day as well as the evidence that the assessor will be looking for. Should you fail to meet any of the standards you will be offered a re-assessment of the failed standard areas at a cost of £175 (excluding VAT), which must be carried out within 90 days of the initial assessment.


Once the standards have been successfully demonstrated, you will be added to the SLPS database as an approved Inspection Provider. You will be given access to the database to allow you to order SLPS discs and to complete details of vehicle and trailer inspections. You must continue to meet the standards and will be required to be re-assessed every two years. Logistics UK will contact you at least six months before your re-assessment is due.


You can find your nearest Inspection Provider using our interactive map.