The road loading of high and low flash petroleum products and LPG can be considered as one of the potentially higher risk activities in a typical terminal operating environment.

To ensure that risks are managed to an appropriate level, road tankers entering a terminal to load must satisfy two broad requirements:

  • Ensure that there is no loss of liquid, vapour or gas containment during loading, the vehicles must be designed and constructed to ensure that they are completely compatible with the loading rack mechanical, electrical and control systems. Complete compatibility with the majority of loading racks in the UK is achieved by constructing the vehicles in accordance with the Energy Institute (EI) Code of Practice “ Petroleum road tanker design and construction”.

  • The mechanical and electrical systems fitted to the vehicles must be adequately maintained to a suitable standard such that they do not present an unacceptable risk during loading. 

The Safe Loading Pass Scheme seeks to meet these requirements across UK loading terminals.

Under the scheme, operators must present their vehicle to an SLPS approved inspection provider, where it will be inspected by approved SLPS technicians in accordance with standards set by the UK Terminal Operators SLPS Management Group. A copy of the SLPS Inspection Manual can be downloaded from the Technicians page under the Inspections tab. Copies of the SLPS Inspection Forms are available to registered users through the login page.

If the vehicle meets the required inspection standard, it is issued with a Safe Loading Pass (SLP)  for a maximum period of six months. Individual terminals have the right to withdraw an SLP at any time, provided that there are justifiable grounds for doing so. It should also be noted that for articulated vehicles, separate SLP discs are required, one for the tractor unit and one for the trailer.

It is the responsibility of individual terminals to determine types of access controls to assess the validity of SLPs prior to entry at terminals. Access to the SLP database is given on request to terminal operations’ personnel. This allows for controlled access to information on individual SLPs and vehicles.  One mechanism a terminal can use to check the quality of a vehicle operating under the SLPS is to use the SLPS Terminal Check List, which is available to registered users through the login page.

If you are a terminal and interested in participating in the scheme, please contact us.

P: 03330 342322

E: info@safeloadingpass.co.uk